Logo Blaxtair


Blaxtair offers the best solutions for securing the perimeter around mobile industrial machinery and robots. Based on its exclusive technologies, Arcure has developed lines of state-of-the-art detection solutions suitable for every environment. Blaxtair’s primary feature is its unique capacity for analyzing its environment in real time so as to avoid triggering any false alarms. It is this capacity, unique on the market, that has won over leading industrialists around the world. The Blaxtairview Vision, the Blaxtair system for detecting/classifying obstacles and pedestrians are the highest performing solutions on the market.


Logo Omega


Omega is a smart and robust stereoscopic camera calculating the disparity map and providing metadata to the user. With two sensors of 1,3Mpixels and 120° field of view, Omega provides the disparity map with a configurable resolution and raw images up to 20 frames per second.
Omega already has more than ten millions of hours in operation in harsh conditions with operation temperatures from -40°C to +75°C, with shocks and vibrations, and has not required new recalibration.