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Smart 3D vision for robust automation

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Stereo camera for indoor / outdoor applicationsThe only reliable stereo camera for tough and harsh environments


Omega is a smart and robust stereoscopic camera that makes embedded computations to generate a disparity map, which can be easily turned into a distance map. With two sensors of 1,3Mpixels and 120° field of view, Omega provides metadata and the disparity map to the user, with a configurable resolution and raw images up to 20 frames per second.
Omega is operational in harsh conditions: operation temperatures from -40°C to +75°C, shocks and vibrations...
Omega is the most robust 3D sensor for outdoor applications with numerous field experiences in mining, construction, industry, steel mills, agriculture activities…
Our device is ideal for your applications such as robot vision, autonomous vehicle, terrain mapping, navigation and object classification.

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  • Reliable and accurate 3D data for all kind of applications from laboratory to harsh environment.
  • No recalibration after hours of operation in harsh environments.
  • The stereoscopic sensor head provides:
    • High resolution RGB raw images
    • Disparity map
    • Rectified images
    • Metadata: exposure time, gain factor, calibration matrix/LUT, focal length, etc.
  • The disparity map is computed on a FPGA embedded in the camera, which is a full hardware implementation to provide low latency and an energy efficient solution.
  • Customization of FPGA, processor and focal length / field of view on request.
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