BLAXTAIR is launching a brand new editorial platform dedicated to articles on the creation of safer man/machine work environments.

Since 2011, BLAXTAIR has been constantly innovating to improve the safety of workers in their environments while also improving productivity. Many mobile machines have now been fitted with our pedestrian detection system. In 2016, we celebrated our 1000th Blaxtair installation!

Providing technological expertise to the construction, manufacturing, logistics and mining industries, we also want to be at your side to help you in your quest to provide safer man/machine interface environments. This is a priority for us all.

It is our commitment to focus on the issues surrounding this objective and the reason we created this newsletter and blog. It will be regularly updated with new and exclusive content (news, issues, recommendations, experiences, etc.) to help you in your decision making. We’re hoping that these new tools, designed specifically with you in mind, will contribute to further progress in the safety of your work environments.

Welcome and happy reading!

Franck Gayraud, Patrick Mansuy

14 April 2016