Blaxtair Productivity increases in France

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In 2016, Blaxtair repatriated part of its production to France. Behind the natural choice for a high-tech French manufacturer, lay a rational solution to improving production capacities.

Blaxtair is increasing the quota of its production activity in France. Whilst already largely located there, the brand has recently repatriated production of Blaxtair’s mechanical assembly to Normandy, that until now had been manufactured in Shenzhen. An underlying shift that will also apply to the calculator’s electronic PCB’s come September. “In 2016, all Blaxtairs will essentially be made in France,” states Patrick Mansuy, president of Blaxtair.

Made in France & French Technology

There has been increased interest in the concept of “made in France” over recent years. Especially when it comes to products positioned in high-end segments of the market, like Blaxtair. Smart cameras that detect persons on foot around industrial machinery are actually a pure product of French Technology: The fruit of the best in French R&D, based on disruptive innovation and born from a partnership between a leading research laboratory (the CEA) and a private company. Looking at it this way, relocation makes perfect sense.

Responding to ever increasing demand

More than just a simple marketing position, BLAXTAIR’s decision is first and foremost a response to a rational calculation and to major industrial and commercial challenges.

With the growth trend in Chinese salaries, the difference in production costs actually begins to compensate less for the inconveniences of off-shore production. “We have to think in terms of global costs, explains Patrick Mansuy, and on top of strict production costs, we must also add those related to quality issues: product quality, reliable schedules, respecting prices…

These have become increasingly overriding challenges for BLAXTAIR in light of the exponential increase in demand across all continents since 2013. “In view of the strong acceleration in production rates, having the supplier geographically closer is reassuring, believes Patrick Mansuy. It will enable us to better control the reliability and quality of our suppliers, to improve them, whilst lowering our costs and developing just-in-time processes.” The key to maintaining such a strong upswing…



11 May 2016