The French SME signs a distribution agreement with Canadian Alltech. A partner that shares its philosophy and has a network and services spanning a significant part of the territory. Has the move to conquer the West begun?

Already firmly established in Europe and Asia, Blaxtair continues to expand globally into North America. In accordance with the agreement signed in October 2016, Montreal-based Alltech Group will henceforth be representing the French company and selling its products in Canada. It will also be able to provide first-level services: system installations on machinery, breakdown diagnostics and basic repairs. Alex Leduc, C.E.O. At ALLTECH is thrilled: “For us, BLAXTAIR is clearly the best obstacle and pedestrian detection technology on offer and we are proud to be distributing its full range of products.

A little-known technology

BLAXTAIR is gaining ground in an enormous territory where much remains to be done if the risk of machine-pedestrian collisions is to be fully kept under control. Here, operators are beginning to install this kind of technology primarily in the mining sector. Although solutions that can detect pedestrians wearing purpose-made badges are relatively well-established, simple cameras have only begun making a breakthrough in recent years…North-American clients remain slow to catch-up compared to their European or Japanese counterparts, who have already started launching 3D detection technology. “Businesses here are aware of the operational and financial consequences of machine-pedestrian collisions, but in general they tend to ignore the innovative solutions designed to avoid them,” confirms Alex Leduc, C.E.O. of Alltech.

Time to educate

One of ALLTECH’s main challenges will, therefore, be to “educate the market” and open the eyes of Canadian businesses. This is a long-term undertaking that requires a great deal of motivation on the part of the distributor. “We were looking for a distributor who thinks like us, is passionate about technology and genuinely believes in our camera”, explains Franck Gayraud, director of BLAXTAIR. A specialist distributor in work tools for the heavy, roadside and industrial machinery sectors, the Alltech Group is not just content with being a market leader in volume sales of standard solutions. Rather, it stands out for its passion for innovation and focuses its offer on solutions that help to increase the productivity of machinery and equipment, whilst ensuring worker safety.

Be responsive and technically irreproachable

As with each of its distributors, BLAXTAIR has provided Alltech with in-depth technical and commercial training. This is essential support for such innovative products, which require specific skills and aptitudes to fully comprehend and market them to the best of their potential. “This desire for excellence is even more of a determining factor here, believes Franck Gayraud, because clients here are much more demanding than in France; you need to be responsive and technically irreproachable.” This is the ideal preparation for taking on the United-States, the No. 1 market in the world…


16 December 2016