BLAXTAIR is taking Japan by storm and setting new standards


Blaxtair has just installed its 100th smart camera in Japan in just a single year of marketing. And even better than that, there is now a safety label created to distinguish the sites using it, and it will soon be rolled out on milling machines produced by a national manufacturer.

In the land of the rising sun, BLAXTAIR has got off to an outstanding start. Barely a year since marketing of the product began, its smart camera has already been fitted onto 100 machines! A success that Patrick Mansuy, the company’s CEO, is obviously very happy about: “It is early days, but this is already fantastic recognition of all the hard work our teams have put in over the years. The response should encourage us to continue our efforts on the road to excellence.”

An enthusiastic partner

A large part of this success is down to the enthusiasm of their local partner (Eureka) who, having discovered the device at the Hannover CeMAT exhibition in 2014, Identified Blaxtair® as the solution to the problems of Japanese industry. That is, a rapidly ageing population and a shortage of labour. With a population in decline by -0.2% each year, Japan has been forced to resort to the automatization of anything it possibly can. In civil engineering, Komatsu machines, the 2nd largest global manufacturer, are becoming increasingly autonomous; in industry the number of AGVs (automated guided vehicles) and robots is proliferating… Until now, this trend has been reined-in by the lack of any effective personal protection solutions for people working around these automated machines.

A label for work sites using Blaxtair®!

Blaxtair® provides this very solution by detecting people on foot working in the vicinity of the machines, in all kinds of challenging environments. Thanks to the proactiveness of Eureka, it has been included on the list of equipment approved by the Ministry of Labour after tests performed using Komatsu machines.

In the wake of this, and again thanks to the belief of this partner, a machinery rental syndicate created a label (Safety +) to distinguish those sites using Blaxtair®. For a device only so recently introduced to the archipelago, this is more recognition than could have been hoped for! Demonstration of the device’s performance has been so convincing that the camera is soon (September 2016) to be rolled out on milling machines produced in Japan… This is an incredible success, but some of the reasons for it (ageing population, shortage of labour) are sure to mean that Blaxtair® will soon be equally successful elsewhere around the globe.


11 May 2016